Caleb Colton Fucks George Glass


Studio: Dirty Tony

Caleb has stopped by to give George a rub down for his sore, tired muscles. George lays on his stomach on the table and Caleb straddles his ass. He begins rubbing Georges back, working his way lower toward his round ass. When he gets to the grey material of Georges shorts, he takes them off to get better access. George keeps his red, white, and blue jockstrap on, tempting Caleb with his bare ass. As Caleb runs his hands through the furry mounds, he edges closer to the crack. Finally, he shoves his tongue deep into Georges hairy hole, still massaging his ass cheeks. He continues to lick and slurp at Georges manhole, rubbing his own cock as he does. George flips over, revealing a bulge in the front of the jockstrap. Caleb pulls away the cotton, uncovering Georges hairy stiff cock; which he immediately swallows whole. As Calebs cock continues to swell under his jeans, he decides to get rid of them. Now that his cock is let loose, it finds its way into Georges inviting man-cave. Caleb slams it deep into Georges ass and continues pumping away while George moans. Now George gets on all fours, offering his ass from behind to Caleb – still wearing the jockstrap. Caleb jams his member into George, grabbing the jockstrap for traction. As George gets the reaming of his life, he looks back to see the hot, hairy, tattooed stud thats having his way. Caleb loves the attention and pulls out, ready to cum. George opens wide so that he can receive his oral reward, which Caleb happily dumps into his maw. As George continues to stroke his own cock, white ropes jump from the tip onto his furry, ripped stomach. Caleb happily dives in and cleans up the mess with his tongue.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:59
Video: 960×540, MP4V, 1818kbps
Audio: 73kbps

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