Broken At 18 – Chapter 9


Johnny is spread-eagled on the torture table, naked, electrodes attached to his wrist and ankle. To free up his hands, Felix Frost has switched to a different electric source that sends short blast of current into the boy’s body randomly. With each shock Felix slices Johnny’s lean, muscular torso with the single-tail whip – doubling the pain! Johnny is so young and fit, he manages to stay conscious as his chest and abs are covered with whip-welts. Felix sprays the wounds with mists of , adding another layer of pain to Johnny’s torment. “Do you want it to stop?” Felix asks. “Yes. I’ll do anything.” the boy sputters. “Then show me some cum!” Felix demands. Johnny is in a state of shock: Even someone as young and fit as he couldn’t possibly cum – and Felix knows it. He lets the boy try feverishly, then hooks-up the battery again and leaves it switched on until Johnny is a twitching mass of muscle. Anyone older and weaker would certainly not survive. Johnny, however, will be sucking-off the judge who condemned him in the next 24-hours, a broken slave boy who will literally do anything to avoid more pain.

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