Broken At 18 – Chapter 5


Johnny Boy, naked, in agony, his body glistening with sweat, is doing better than most after ten hours on the cross. He is a young athlete in perfect condition with a physique that is both lightweight and very strong. Even with those advantages, Johnny slowly passes out, hanging limp for the last hour, suffering silently. Someone heavy and less fit may not have survived, but Johnny, just twelve hours later, is ready for additional torture. He is bound face-up on a torture table. Felix Frost removes the nipple clips that have been digging into the boy’s body for 18 hours, causing intense pain as rushes back into to the damaged nerves – then smacks the boy’s crushed nipples with a riding crop, making him buckle and scream. Felix whips the boy’s pecs and abs then moves to the soles of his feet. “Why, why?” Johnny pleads.

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