Bring Me a Boy – Vincent Stone & Evan Novak – Make Feel Good


There is never a time that my stepson, Evan, is not down to help . When I came home from a bad day at work, Evan offered to massage me, which made me happy to hear. It made me happier when he started rubbing my chest and running his fingers across my nipples. That made my cock twitch, and after groping myself, it was Evan’s turn to take over. We kissed as he stroked my cock before taking it into his mouth. I love his mouth sucking me, but I also enjoy eating his meat and hole. I bent him over the couch, licked his ass, and slid my dick inside his warm hole. His ass wrapped around my cock so fucking good. I drilled his ass until we both came on his stomach.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:25
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