Breeding My Boy Jay 1080p

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Cast: Ballard, Jay
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

I was quite surprised when Ballard invited me for a weekend away. He said it would be just the two of us and, if I’m honest, I found the idea fairly horrifying. I didn’t actually think he liked me that much. At family parties he was always way too busy gassing with my cousin Danny to come and ask me anything about what I was up to. When I aced my exams and got into a top university, he didn’t even send a card. Ballard was always quite a stern guy who came across as a bit cold and aloof… except, of course, where Danny was concerned. But, when the invitation came, my said it would be rude not to go, so off I went… To cut a long story short, he booked us into these log cabins in some boring old forest miles up-state. It took hours to get there and the conversation during the journey was polite at best. We arrived after dark and I was utterly freaked out when we got to our room and he immediately offered to give me a massage! The whole situation suddenly seemed to be laced with some kind of sexual intent. I mean, the last time I offered to massage someone, I was definitely trying to get them into bed. What made it all the more confusing was that, as soon as he made the suggestion, I immediately started thinking all these entirely inappropriate thoughts which suddenly made my dick pound and throb.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:41
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