Boynapped! – The Kidnapping – HD 720p

Bryan Manfield is jumped, and kidnapped in the Hollywood Hills and brought home, where the house slave waits chained, hooded and straitjacketed. Sizemore and Dixon lay down the still sleeping and sleeping-bagged Manfield and strip down to play with the slave. Sizemore paddles it as Dixon plays with its pierced dick and they hang chains and a boot from its balls. They both beat its ass beet red, Sizemore with the paddle, Dixon with a leather slapper, which he also uses on the slave’s genitals. They remove the slave’s straitjacket, put leather restraints on its wrists and spreadeagle it to wall chains. Cut to Manfield, blindfolded and tape-gagged, beginning to wake from his sleep. He thrashes around in the sleeping bag, and cries out through his gag, making himself heard in the next room. Sizemore and Dixon go to him, slap him to shut him up, then untie him if he promises to be good, which he does. When they undo his cuffs he starts fighting, whereupon they tie him back up, this time to the stretcher he’s lying on. They cut off his running shorts and T-shirt and enjoy his body. Dixon pulls up Manfield’s jockstrap elastic and snaps it back on him before cutting it off, then ties the shreds around his cock and balls, while Sizemore plays with his blindfolded, gagged head. Sizemore tells Manfield they know who he is and that his will pay a large ransom to get him back. If he’s an obedient boy who keeps his eyes closed and his mouth shut he won’t get hurt. They give him a bottle to relieve himself in and remove his gag to give him some water. But as soon as the gag is out of his mouth Manfield protests that they have the wrong guy and they gag him again, then throw the water in his face.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:31
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