BoyForSale Boy Aidan – Chapter 2 – The Prize

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Something about Aidan called to me. Deep in his eyes, in his soul, he was made to be owned. I knew he hadn’t had an owner yet, and the idea of breaking him in was certainly a thrill in and of itself. I can be a little demanding and it’s no secret that my cock is as thick as soda can. So seeing someone with Aidan’s hunger yield and submit to me… well, that was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass. As soon as I got him alone, I noticed a purity to his submission. There was no hesitation, no fear, not a second thought to any order or direction I gave him. He was not yet at a point to anticipate my needs, but I didn’t mind. Hearing my orders spoken out loud and seeing him obey was part of the excitement of ownership. And Aidan was thorough in his pursuit of obedience. As he took down my pants and exposed my cock, I made sure he took in my scent. Marking him with the pheromones of my loins was important to me. It was a bit animalistic and primal, but that’s part of how I like to dominate. It’s not just about clothing or jewelry or the civilized understanding of property rights. It was a natural imperative. Alphas and betas. Doms and subs. Daddies and boys. He was mine on a natural level. Getting him on all fours, I couldn’t help but sink my face into his hairy hole. It was clean and soft, with a silkiness that invited my tongue. As I brought my lips in, I could feel the soft, pink lips of his sphincter open up for me. As if it was a biological imperative, it was clear it needed to be bred. To feel my cock inside and to be satiated with my superior, powerful seed. His moans were short and soft, as if he was trying not to distract my pleasure with his own. I didn’t mind. He could enjoy it if wanted. So as long as I got what I came for–what I paid for–he could absolutely take pleasure in my dominance. My cock was a challenge for him at first. It was actually the first sign of struggle he had. It was endearing to know that the only limitation of his submission was the physical challenge of my cock. It certainly made me feel good. Who doesn’t love to feel huge when fucking a beautiful boy? And I know for a fact that I’m bigger than most. And yet, within moments, I was breaking through his sphincter, stretching him out and filling him up with my daddy dick. His breathing became deeper and his body began to tremble, but he did not back away or flinch as I moved in. He took me with beautiful determination, knowing in his bones that at that moment, he had no greater purpose than to be bred by me. I took it slow at first, not wanting to break him on our first go. I intended to get good use out of him and push further than he’d ever thought possible. But for now, I just need to consummate my ownership… to see him full of my seed…

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