BOB – Jack Bailey, Deepdicc & Ray Diesel


Jack has been wanting to get back to the gym but hates the way all the guys stare at him when he goes there. So instead Jack calls up his big crush Ray to see if he can come over and use his home gym. Ray is quick to invite the tasty young boy over to let him do whatever he wants. Jack shows up with Ray and Deep already working up a sweat on the machines so he gets right to the weights. Ray and Deep are quick to encourage young Jack and once Jack bends over the bench Deep moves right in to help him with his form. Deep let’s his hands wander to Jack’s delight and once he pulls down Jack’s little red shorts it was on. Ray, not one to miss a beat turns off his treadmill and pulls out his fat cock for Jack to focus on too. Once dicks are in both his holes Jack’s true slutty nature comes right out. And with two fat creamy loads on his face Jack promises to come back for lot’s of workouts.

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