BOB – Dale Savage, Deepdicc & Mr Cali


Officer Dale Savage has done the unthinkable and snooped into his 18 year old sons phone and was shocked by the contents and well, very aroused. He has found out his son is the submissive of two very well hung Black Men and he cannot help but be a little jealous. Under the guise of making sure his son is being treated well he tracks down these hot Dominant Black men. Being the Studs they are they quickly see that Dale’s intentions may be more than he lets on. Stroking their cocks while they talk they see Dale cannot take his eyes off the Big Black Meat and quickly finds himself the boy now on his knees. The Men compare his performance to his sons and assure him he is just as big of a slut. Two loads on his face and Dale is hooked just like his boy forever.

Format: mp4
Duration: 35:15
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Audio: 103kbps

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