Blakemason After Hours – Small World Big Dicks – Ep. 13-18

Episode 13:

Alex is pissed off with his cheating boyfriend and it’s got to end. He’s on the phone and tells him it’s over… but his frustration is spotted by Dylan who goes over to make sure he’s alright. They get chatting and head off to a bar to have a drink together- good-natured Dylan is keen to make sure his cute new friend is going to be OK…Several drinks later and it’s time to leave but Alex invites Dylan back for coffee…

Episode 14:

Workmate’s Brez and Luke are at it again… Brez has just moved to his new place and Luke has come on over to give him a hand with the decorating. Luke has more than just painting walls on his agenda though – while they’re decorating Luke’s cock simply won’t let him forget what he’d rather be doing… yes, that’s right… Luke is desperate for round three with Brez and wants to see just how far he can push his straight mate!It didn’t take much persuasion for Brez to down tools and reach in to Luke’s pants. They wank each other to full mast before Luke’s on his knees and sucking in as much of Brez’s fine uncut cock as he could handle! And Luke’s cock couldn’t get any harder – until Brez decides he wants to taste man meat again… but Luke wants to take it a step further and hesitantly asks if he’s up for fucking his ass! Brez just can’t resist such an invitation…

Episode 15:

Making sure everyone has checked out of the hotel, JP realizes that one guest still remains. He goes up to the lad’s room, only to find him asleep, naked and with a raging hardon. JP can’t resist, heading straight for the blonde hottie’s thick uncut meat! Karl awakens, pleased and willing to engage in some cock-sucking fun! He then takes control of JP’s firm ass, fucking deep and hard!

Episode 16:

Fraser certainly earned the barman’s job after his somewhat un-orthodox interview with Aarron and Billy S back in Episode 12! That one ended with the guys spraying their cum all over his very handsome face and it would seem that’s just the way he likes it given how things worked out in this update. You’ve got to love a nice facial – and Fraser sure needed another one – desperately So what made this one happen? Well, the sink behind that rickety old bar started to leak so Aarron called JP at the hotel to see if his handyman could fix it for him. Fortunately, the very handy (and randy!) Matt B was up for the job but a certain spark occurred when he met Fraser (who was on duty behind the bar). Needless to say these guys wanted a bit in the side… and that’s just what they gave each other!

Episode 17:

Billy was chatting to a customer in the bar who told him about an excellent place to go "dogging". He called up Tony to see if he’d be up for giving the place a try and sure enough… he was! When they arrive at the secret location they chat away and spy for some potential fuck – and who should be there but Seth After walking over and asking for a light for their cigarettes (it’s secret code for man-sex in such places!) it’s not long before their cocks are and being sucked through the car window! Seth sure is great at sucking dick – Billy and Tony are very impressed with his tongue and throat technique which makes them very horny guys! But they want more – especially Billy – who’s been dreaming of fucking a nice tight ass all week. Clearly the road-side car-park is too risky and so they head in to the bushes for a nice, satisfying fuck.

Episode 18:

A new guest checks in at Hotel International and he’s feeling horny! He goes to his room and browses through a magazine searching for an escort to satisfy his needs. The lovely and very cute Alex catches his eye and he calls him up… and 10 minutes later he’s sitting his hotel room! Cash changes hands and then Alex strips for his latest client who certainly approves of his purchase Moving over to join Alex, Paul thrusts his cock in to his mouth and enjoys a nice long blowjob. He then sucks on Alex’s uncut dick before the guys get lost in some hot rimming and more cock-sucking. Finally Paul wants to fuck and suddenly he’s pounding away inside Alex’s tight hot hole! Thrusting away until they’re both ready to cum, I think it’s fair to say that Paul got his money’s worth

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