Black Box – The Opening – Dominic Pacifico and Axel Abyss – Full HD 1080p


In a black room adorned by nothing but a few benches and chains hung from the ceiling, Dominic waits ass up in an acid yellow singlet. Fisting master Axel Abysse comes in clad in shiny black latex and heavy chains, with elbow-length rubber gloves to complete the look and protect during a session of deep hard fist fucking. Applying a thick layer of stretchy thick lube, Axel begins the work of stretching out Dominic’s tight hole. He lubes a black serpentine toy the size of an arm and starts working it in. After the massive head, it slides quite easily past the curved ridges of the shaft. Dominic’s hole opens to a reaming the size of a Huge cock or a medium-sized arm. Now it’s ready for Axel. Axel is lean and handsome, but stern and strict when it comes to topping with his experienced arm. With his hand in the duckhead stance he begins slowly pumping in, and soon he is a bit more than wrist deep. Churning his gloved hand inside Dominic, he pulls it out to see Dominic’s ass open and blooming. Slathering lube on his other hand, Axel begins trading off hands and getting each alternately inside. Dominic’s hole stretches and pulls back each time Axel withdraws. His crack is gooey and slippery with a thick sheen of the dedicated fisting lube and Axel slides in deep. He then inserts a big industrial speculum-style tool that pulls open the stretched hole with two smooth prongs on each side that expand and dilate it even further. When he pulls that out and off, Dominic is stretched to the max and ready for almost anything. Axel punches deep one last round then gives Dominic’s cheek a little kiss. He’s been fistfucked hard, and Good! Dominic kneels at Danny’s hairless hole and dives in bareback with a slap against his cheeks. He licks up from the tip of Danny’s stiff prick along his nutsack to the steamy hot hole. Dom pumps his cock in, hard, deep and intense. Danny gasps and spreads his knees apart for more. He props up a booted foot to open his hole, take as much as Dominic can pound in. Dominic’s curved cock slides up and in and bangs against the young stud’s magic button till he’s spraying cum all over his beating hand. The pup boy bows on all fours in total submission as Jax reddens his ass with some firm slaps, happily dives his face in to his master’s musky ass. His obedience is rewarded with a thick curved cock driven hard into his open ass. Jaxton reams him doggy style with rough deep strokes, then lays him on a bench, spreading his legs completely to drive in to the hilt. Alex assists, pulling his booted ankles apart to welcome the brutal anal invasion. Jaxton pulls out and drenches his panting pup with a sticky shower of manjuice. Lowering Seth to a wooden bench, Bennett drives his cock deep into the wet quivering hole. In to the hilt, he feels his tangle of red pubes against the soft black curls around Seth’s ass. Plowing straight and hard, he leaves Santoro gasping for breath and grabbing to stroke his own cock. Jerking then pushing his load deep inside, Bennett licks and sucks out the jizz that drips from Seth’s hard-fucked ass. The confessional scent of incense and polished wood gives way to sweat, saliva and male musk. The novice rubs his hand up Dominic’ abs and chest in admiration and submission. Dominic pulls him up and his black cassock falls away as he stands bent over in front of the sex-driven priest. Dominic tastes the heat and musk of Casey’s paddled ass as it throbs in front of him. Both naked in the holy candlelight, Dominic swats with his bare hands, sucking till Everett’s hole is pulsing with need. Lying back in the ornate chair, Casey’s rosary is soaked with piss as Dominic baptizes the boy with a hot golden spray. Then Dominic thrusts deep and straight into Casey’s hole. They turn and fuck on all fours, only pulling out as Dominic splatters a creamy river of cum down Casey’s pulsating ass. Longing for the feel of human flesh inside him, he works four fingers then his fist into his open, gaping hole. His hand reaches deep inside as he grabs the altar to steady himself. Working his cock into a frenzy he grabs a heavy iron cross and holds it before him as he blasts a huge sticky load onto the holy relic. Up and on his knees, Adam drives his cock into Dominic’s hungry hole. He braces himself with a hand on the bronze muscleman’s hip and pumps in to the hilt. He throws his arms and head back in abandon while Dominic seethes and pumps his ass back to meet the hard thrusts. Adam slides a black dildo into Dominic’s throbbing hole, works it around. He stands up and plows in from behind, mirrors reflecting an endless parade of the hard-fucking duo. Dominic groans and begs for dick and Adam rides him like a stallion. Pulling out, he glazes Dominic’s thick strong pecs with cum. Drenched Dominic follows with a fistful of his own hot juice.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:33
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