Big, Middle, Little Bros – Edison, Jonah And Joel

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Studio: Guybone

10 Fucking Years. Its been a decade of happy, horny and hairy! We appreciate you for coming along on this ride with us! We knew that to celebrate this milestone anniversary we needed to do something special. And we did. Threeway bareback ly love with big bro Joel and middle bro Jonah. Little bro Edison. There is no better group of men than this, ready to have a good time and love each other. We look forward to discovering new turns and a decade of GuyBone Guys.
Imagine that the people were out. Big bro Joel took his seat at the middle of the sofa. He was a handsome sibling to the other. All wore matching tank tops, white socks, and brightly colored shorts, which were bulging from their expanding tummies. Edison and Jonah kissed Edison and took their hard-working older out of his underwear. They loved it and played with it. Then they sat down on the couch to get sucked on it.
Jonah and Edison were in a frenzy, licking Joels shaft and pulling at Joels balls with their lips. They also kissed across Edisons cock. Every bro loves to please his bros. Joel was given the opportunity to examine his bros holes. He had them both sit down on the backs of the couches, just like at the doctors office. He pulled down their shorts and examined their hairy sexes with his eyes and then his tongue. He took their stiff pricks from their boxes and gently touched their genitals as he moved from rimming to kissing to back. Jonah and Edison were extremely lucky to have Joel pay them special attention.
Edison served both his big bros, as they were able. I have never seen such a ferocious group of dicks. This trio needed the ly vibe. Just typing this makes my cock throb, just from feeling their energy, their connection and their love. Jonah patted Edisons back, and I knew that the bond between them was irreparable. They exchanged Edisons back and forth before sharing a passionate group kiss that turned from sweet to animalistic within seconds. It was delicious, and I couldnt stop eating it.
Edisons whimpers echoing through the room, as he played the role of a monkey between his big s. Jonah enjoyed his tender, hairy spit while Joel gave his big bro his big bro bone. They swapped their love so Edison could get the full spectrum of familial love. It was so nice to see big s take care of Edison instead of picking on him. All around, nothing but love. Jonah gave his swollen cock and to Joel, while Joel ate his furry pucker. Joel also played with his uncut erection. They were ready to have a fuck, and it was.
To see how they were screwing, they sat down in a chair with a large mirror. Joel placed Edisons big dick in first, and the hole was instantly lubricated. Edison enjoyed being railed on by his older bros as he ate middle bro Jonahs delicious dick. Jonah was amazed at Edisons sex and the older boys compared their spots. Edison burst into tears and nursed Joels rod, which had been buried deep in his back. Jonah grumbled at Joel as he hugged him. This was the most amazing male bonding I have ever witnessed.
Joel told Jonah to Poke it with him, It was so hot to hear him tell his younger how to hump his little bro. Joel and his traded places so that he could mount Edison to really drive his dick into his stomachs. They were unable to go as deep as they wanted so they moved to the beds to be extremely comfortable and close to each other. While they were bareback-boned, the s spunklube in their hands. It happened all at once. Yes, it was indeed time to DP baby bro. Joel sat down on his back while Edison sat on Edisons shaft. Jonah then entered Edison from the behind. At the same moment, Edison was surrounded by two big bro dicks. Imagine Jonah and Joel sliding against each others stiff dicks, and feeling the warmth of Edisons arms hugging their cocks tightly. Edison felt the presence of two hard-dick giants who stuffed his hole and fucked him with great intent. It was a moment that must have been incredibly intense for the three of them. This is the end of the world.
Edisons gaping sex took a break from the intense DPing. Joel mounted middle bro Jonah in , to reminisce about the times when they were just the two of you. The OG bro bond. The OG bro bond is ever hot, and its only been strengthened by little bro Edison. Joel, the genius older , had the brilliant idea of stacking his little s. Edison climbed onto Jonahs back, and I saw firsthand the most exciting position I have ever seen in pornography.
Joel fucked Edison and then moved his dick only inches down to fuck Jonah raw. And then back up. Then he went back down. He poked his large, hard-bareback bro boner into his s, making them grunt and groan while he sex them. It was so hot to see Edison on Jonahs chest. They took turns enjoying Joels railing. They share their juices. Hugging one another tight. Fucking pounding it out.
Jonah fell in love with Edisons little bro pits. Musky and bushy. He took hot whiffs as he hit Edisons hole and worked up his bro load in order to have that baby boy. Edison lay back, supported by big bro Joel. Jonah held him in strong, caring hands as he fucked deep to break his seed. He reached for his gun and shot some cum onto Edisons hairy hole. Then he buried his schlong back in the basement to get his bro load.
Joel was the next to release his siblings sperm. His younger s were waiting at the tap to get all that elder nut from his piss slit. They ate hard, and they shared their hot cum with one another. They drank it all up, with their mustaches and beards. They drank every drop. Edison was eager to let go of his seed after all the ly joy. Jonah sat down on Edisons lap, while Joel hugged him from behind. He was groaning and flexing his prostate in a sensational hands-free orgasm. As he poured white hot jizz over Jonahs stomach, he also kissed his s and congratulated them on a job well-done. You guys are amazing! It was a spectacular way to celebrate 10 Years of No Fuss. All Fuck.

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