BaitBuddies – Johnny Hunter & Masyn Thorne


Maysn and Johnny are both back to continue their sexual evolution! And, they are the perfect match for each other! It was actually Johnny who told Caruso that he would love to have sex with Maysn. He said that he finds him very sexy and he can’t wait to taste that fat cock that he’s been dreaming about ever since he first saw Maysn on BaitBuddies! But, Maysn isn’t the only stud with a big cock… Johnny is packing a giant 9 inch cock! And, we’ll never understand how he doesn’t tip over when that beast gets hard!
Since both guys know what they’re here for, Caruso doesn’t have to stick to the normal storyline. Instead, he just steps back and lets Maysn and Johnny take over. One way or another, Johnny is going to ride that cock and he’s going to ride it real good!

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