BaitBuddies All Star Buddies #1 – Fucked by an Angel


Cast: Alex Adams & Angel Rock

About Four Years ago Caruso met Angel go-go dancing at a club in Miami. He was 18 years old at the time and of course Caruso was interested in seeing if he would do porn. He gave him a business card, and to Caruso’s surprise a couple weeks later he called. We had him come to the studio for a photo shoot and to discuss possibilities. He did the photos and he seemed comfortable with everything so we told him to go home and think about it for a few days and then let him know for sure if he wanted to do the video. We then scheduled Angel to shoot his first scene for BaitBuddies, however the go-go stud called and said he was ”not ready” at that time and we were fine with that. Sometimes that happens… no big deal. Anyway, a couple years later Caruso was surprised to see him on another website doing porn! He sent him an email to congratulate him and to find out what his plans were. Angel was happy to hear from Caruso and told him that he searched for his business card when he decided to do porn, but he lost the contact information and couldn’t remember his name either. 18 year old minds can certainly be clouded! Anyway, Angel was under contract for a some other companies over the past couple of years, but we continued to keep in touch with him. He has developed a huge fan base and as promised (by him) he would one day come shoot BaitBuddies as he always meant it to be his first porn shoot. When we recently contacted him, he did not hesitate and actually said ”Caruso is my favorite person to work for!” And just a couple of weeks ago he arrived at the studio to make it happen. He had already gone through the site and asked if we could get Alex Adams as his scene partner since he thought he was hot and he had never shot with a ”Ginger” before. Alex Adams did his very 1st guy-on-guy scene with us and has also since gone on to shoot with other companies as gay4pay – he tells us that he still dates girls and considers himself bi. It was a match made in ”porn heaven” so to speak. Watch the sexy, hot results as we present the first installment of All Star Buddies!

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