Back To Basecamp: Maxx Monroe & Killian Knox (720p,1080p)

Cast: Maxx Monroe, Killian Knox
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

I was pretty excited when Scoutmaster Knox suggested we hike out into the woods. Just the two of us. It was even more exciting when he announced we’d be pitching a tent and staying the night out there. I was a little scared as well. Those woods are probably full of bears and it gets real cold around here at night, but I knew Mr. Knox would keep me safe and warm. I mean, why worry about bears when you have your own daddy bear to look after you! Knox is my favourite Scoutmaster. He’s always been really kind to me. I was homesick to begin with and he’d always check in on me before lights out to make sure I was okay. Sometimes he gives me a little cuddle. I like it when he does that. His arms always feel so strong! We hiked for what seemed an eternity. We must have walked for five hours solid, through endless pine trees. I was holding a map, but managed to get lost within minutes! Thank God Scoutmaster Knox was there. We pitched our tent by a lake. Knox said he didn’t think we’d be too troubled by mosquitoes on account of it being so cold. The temperatures were certainly dropping all the time and I started to worry that we were gonna freeze to , but he showed me how to turn our sleeping bags into one giant sleeping bag. He said we’d be able to keep each other warm more efficiently.

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