Austin’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! Austin is a hot straight boy who just turned 18. This video shows the first time Austin has been touched by a man in a sexual manner. There is another first in today’s video. It’s the first time we’ve included any type of penetration in a spanking video.
Austin likes to talk. He was short on cash and was immediately interested in doing a video. Before today’s shoot, Austin mentioned that his girlfriend had fingered his butthole one time when they were having sex. It was an off-the-cuff comment Austin made while explaining that he’d be a great choice for a video. He said it to prove that he is open to trying new things and has a high tolerance for pain. It was a mistake, though, because it showed how eager he was to please and what all he was open to. The result was Tom putting a fairly large butt plug in Austin’s ass for most of this video.
Tom gives Austin a long, hard spanking. The implements used include Tom’s hand, the belt, a bamboo slapper and a birch. He even delivers several blows to the handle of the butt plug with the bamboo slapper, causing it to pop out.
Austin firmly grasps Tom’s knee with his left hand throughout most of this video, often burying his face in Tom’s thigh. While we don’t anticipate it becoming a regular feature in our videos, the butt plug clearly humbles Austin and keeps his attention focused on the matter at hand. Tom firmly pushes it back into place at several points, which always gets Austin’s full attention.
At the end of this video, Austin’s ass is deep red and bruising. All in all, Austin took it pretty well. Although he didn’t complain, Austin’s face tells the story of just how much this spanking hurts.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:09
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