Athletic Teacher vol 3 Hayato Asada

Release Year: 2021

Indecent guidance of physical education teachers secretly done !!
It’s a metamorphosis for a teacher to be pleased with such a thing.
[Episode 1] Strength extracurricular lessons
A physical education teacher who talks to a male student in a locker after club activities. "Please come home today as well …"
A male student heading to the teacher’s house. "Teacher, I want to quit this kind of thing …" "I’m sorry, but do you understand?"
As usual today, the boys’ indecent service to teachers begins …
[Episode 2] Teacher, please tell me.
"Teacher, what is Hattenba?" A student who asks a question to his homeroom teacher after school.
A student approaching a blurred teacher, saying, "Is it a hatten place … I don’t know the teacher." "It’s funny. You know it came out of there yesterday, right?"
A student approaching a hurried teacher. "I’ll keep it a secret, so let’s spear with me …"
The obscene after-school of teachers and students begins …
[Episode 3] Fitted teacher
A PE teacher who is confused by a sudden confession from a student.
She angers her students with the words she speaks. He explains the matter to his colleague teacher and goes to her student’s house to apologize.
The teacher who was sent to the student’s room was told that she would forgive her if she asked her only once … But it was a trap that was set up from the beginning …
[Episode 4] Obscene physical examination
A PE teacher who can be called out in the locker room.
"It’s a strange story, but my student was r*ped by the teacher." A sudden remark from a senior teacher.
"I can’t overlook it as it is, so can I just check it …?" A physical examination that begins with the teacher while feeling uncomfortable …
"That? It’s strange … Why is this happening? You really don’t mess with the students, right?" The physical examination doesn’t end …
The nasty face of a serious teacher is revealed!
"I don’t hate my body even if I pretend I hate it with my mouth … You see, it’s getting so stiff …"
Cast: Hayato Asada

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