Arse viciously fingered for Rob

Release Year: 2020

Every young business should be stripped down to nothing but his tight white pants ready to receive full-on relentless arse punishment by his superiors. With his hairy body on show, Rob is tied in place so he’s totally helpless to prevent the invasive hands from wandering over the warm contours of his bulge and the hot spot between his arse cheeks. Tape is wrapped around his face to gag the fucker from moaning too much. After feeling Rob’s tightly contained genitals his pants are torn off to leave him totally exposed. Rob is horrified at having his bum hole so vulnerable. His cock and balls are knotted and attached to his ankles so his arsehole is permanently on show. With that moist warm sphincter on diplay, suited Adrian enters to administer severe punishment to his arse lashing him viciously till his bum burns red. Dave widens his ring shoving his fingers deep up into his arse.

His sperm-filled balls go purple as his legs kick up and tighten the noose. The men ram a vibrating dildo on a stick up his arse. They fuck his arse with the vibrator humming angrily away and loosening up his insides till bum juice spills out copiously to make a shameful puddle. Adrian administers quick shocks to his genitals, making sparks as his tender skin is zapped. Rob thrashes out and cries in misery which only makes him inadvertently stretch his bound cock and balls more. The trapped hetero has no idea when or if this unceasing punishment will ever end.

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Duration: 18:24
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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