Anthony Returns Part 2

This is the second half of "Anthony Returns." In the first half, Anthony, dressed in a baseball uniform, went back over Tom’s knee for another spanking. Like many straight boys, Anthony does not like being spanked by a man. In fact, he hates it. But he loves money and didn’t want to do anything "gayer" than being spanked, so back over Tom’s knee he went.
This was a very long session for Anthony, and one in which Tom really put him in his place. Anthony had been texting Tom all through the night preceding this video. We’ve found that most of these boys have no manners when it comes to communications, especially texting. They have no idea when it is too late at night to call or text someone. Anthony is the worst offender. He texted Tom at least three times between midnight and 6:00 a.m., so Tom had no trouble deciding what this spanking would be about.
Tom alternates between his hand and a couple of wooden spoons during this video. He lectures Anthony thoroughly, making Anthony repeat what he tells him to ensure the lesson he’s learning sinks in. As big and strong as Anthony is, he quickly reverts to a younger version of himself as Tom spanks him for an extended period. Anthony kicks and whimpers while subconsciously trying to hide his face from the cameras.
To emphasize he is in control, Tom tells Anthony to hug him at the end of the video. This is something we’re pretty sure Anthony would not have done at the end of his first spanking. But by the end of this spanking, Tom has established his authority over Anthony to the point that he knew Anthony would do as he was told. Indeed, Anthony learned his lesson so well that he continued to apologize for his late-night texting long after the cameras were off.

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