Anthony Returns Part 1

Anthony is a tall, muscular 20-year-old whom we met when he did his first spanking video several weeks ago. It turned out that he had expected a woman to be spanking him, though he had absolutely no reason to expect that. In fact, he had every reason to expect a guy would be spanking him. A lot of guys would’ve walked out at that point, but Anthony stayed and went over Tom’s knee.
We weren’t sure we’d see Anthony again. He didn’t like the spanking one bit, but he certainly liked the money. The response to Anthony has been both abundant and positive, so we were glad to see him return for this video.
Tom decided that Anthony would look good in a baseball uniform, and that he wanted to put Anthony over his knee again since it made him so uncomfortable during his first spanking. Tom also decided to address Anthony’s absurd communication skills. He had texted Tom throughout the night before this video (at all hours) and seemed to think that was okay. Tom is constantly amazed by how so many college-age guys think it’s fine to text (or call) at any time of the day or night, and to take hours to respond when Tom texts them back.
In this video you’ll see Tom give Anthony a lengthy over-the-knee spanking while making Anthony strip off various layers of his baseball uniform. Tom administers almost all of this spanking by hand, though he does use a hairbrush some. Tom’s main goal was to establish the relationship between Anthony and himself. He wanted Anthony to understand that he is not a collaborator in these videos. He isn’t an actor. He is and must act like an obedient boy.

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