Anonymous Lust – Part 8


Felix is half-, on his knees, naked and blindfolded in the dungeon. He has lost track of time with no memory of the periods between his various tortures. He knows he’s been fed, his bowels emptied, his body cleaned, but he doesn’t know when or how. Today, he is lifted off the floor by his wrists until he’s standing, spread-eagled. A whip suddenly crashed into his stomach. “Why are you doing this to me?” he asks. A flurry of rapid-fire, hard lashes cut into his chest and stomach until they are bright red. The whip even hits his cock and balls. The beating continues for a half-hour then Felix feels hands on his body, caressing him and slapping his wounds. The hands work his cock. He gets hard. Suddenly his hands are free and he knows he must cum – anything to please this man. His huge cock erupts with a huge load of cum. “I came for you!” he says. “Can I go?” No, not now. Maybe if you weren’t so beautiful, so young and so innocent. Maybe in a few years.

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