Anonymous Lust – Part 7


Poor Felix is in another terrible dilemma: This time he has five-pound weights taped to his palms, which are strapped to the X-cross with elastic bands. If he doesn’t elevate his hands the inch or two allowed by the bands, his hands will touch pressure-sensitive pads that send electric current surging into his balls. The anonymous man torturing Felix clearly has a thing for making fit, young men endure horrible muscle stress or torture themselves – a terrible psychological as well as physical torture. Felix looks amazing: naked, stretched out on his back, his abs fluttering with pain, his arms trembling from the stress. Soon, the lean, young man is glistening with sweat and panting with fear and exhaustion. The period between each drop of his arms shortens and the length of the contact with the pads increases until Felix literally faints from exhaustion and pain, the current zapping his balls nonstop for minutes, his body shaking in agony.

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