All American Navy Seals

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All American Navy Seals! – Scene 1
Muscle bound stud Kurt is working out one afternoon in the home gym. You can see the impressive muscles of his arms and chest flexing so powerfully as he pumps some serious iron. He takes
his shirt off, which gives you an even better view of that beautiful glistening torso as he works out. He must get a rush of blood to the penis, because he strips completely nude, lying back on the weight
bench. He looks around furtively, making sure that no one is watching him, and then proceeds to masturbate to orgasm, right there in the home gym! He really covers his stomach with a huge spurt of sticky
man spunk, eagerly rubbing it in.

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 2
Big dick blond stud Rutger is walking along the beach one day, gazing wistfully at the gloriously brown and toned bodies of the other beach goers that surround him. He finds himself
getting really turned on looking at all the hot boys and girls doing their thing on the beach. He goes home, closing the curtains to the outside world and getting naked so that he can stroke himself off.
If you like men with rock hard bodies and big dicks, youre going to love this clip, as hunky Rutger strokes herself to a full erection and then jacks himself off at full speed. He pauses several times so
that the camera can admire his penis before he spunks.

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 3
Well hung stud Van Damage strips off nude and masturbates by himself in this hot solo guy scene. With you are straight or gay, you will have seen Van Damage in many scenes before – he is
one of the most prolific pornstars in the business. Sitting on a park bench, he strips off, showing tan lines around his groin and a nice thick cock. He idly plays with himself for a moment, then begins to
jerk himself in earnest. Soon he is sitting up on the back of the bench, arching his back and thrusting his pelvis forwards as he strokes himself off to a stupendous orgasm. His semen shoots all over his
chest, washed board stomach and cock and balls.
Van Damage

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 4
Chunky blond military man Danilo stars in this solo masturbation scene. This guy is clearly an all American stud, with a short, masculine blond hair and a strong jaw line. There is a short
but kinky interview and then Danilo gets started, stripping down completely nude. Hes got a great body, with a flat stomach and hard buns coupled with a fantastic penis. He plays with himself a little,
getting himself semi erect and also showing off his great, tight ass. By the end of the clip he is strutting around with his cock completely erect, waving it proudly at the camera and masturbating himself
to the point of orgasm. Dont miss this hot guy!

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 5
We are greeted by Jesse whos already playing with himself. He holds his crooked dick out of his underwear, stroking himself as he sits and playing with his balls. He then takes his
underwear off and starts playing with his balls and stroking his dick again. He then gets a dildo, lubes it up and stick is in his ass and leaves it there while he gives himself a hand job. He continues to
jerk off with the dildo in his ass until the pressure hes putting on it shoots it out of his ass. He gets off the couch, gets it and puts it back in his ass. He then takes it out, sits far back on the
couch and plays with himself until he cums on his chest.
Jesse Foster

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 6
We are greeted by Sandford a handsome guy who is lifting weights. He takes a break to take off his shirt and expose the nice tattoo on his chest. He then unzips his pants and then takes
them off to start playing with himself. Pretty soon the underwear come off and he starts stroking his shaft getting turned on. We get a nice view of his dick from a few angles and then a nice view of his
ass as well. Then he lays down and starts stroking his long hard shaft some more. He continues to masturbate, the expression on his face showing that he does enjoy it. He finally blows his white load on
his rock hard stomach.

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 7
Dont let that charming smile fool you – cute military man Lucius is a killing machine! He has the short moustache of a Southern man, and when he gets naked you will be drooling with
desire! He leans back on a padded mat, fully nude except for his white socks. He plays with a stiff cock a little, lying on his side and showing off his ass hole before he rolls back around to continue
masturbating. Hes got an interesting technique, holding his own swollen balls firmly with one hand while he pumps the shaft with the other. He spunks off all over himself, grinning foolishly into the
camera after he has climaxed. Youll love him!

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 8
We are greeted by Melvin who is looking at a magazine, and soon his shirt comes off. The magazine has girls in it and hes getting horny. Pretty soon his shorts come off too to expose his
slightly limp cock. Then he gets up and puts the magazine down on the T.V. near by and we get a nice view of his ass. He then starts masturbating his hard dick. Stroking up and down th long hard shaft as
he looks at the picture that has turned him on. He continues to masturbate over the magazine, stroking his hand up and down his long hard shaft over and over again until he finally blows his load on the
picture that got him turned on.

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 9
We are greeted by Benno a handsome guy who is pretty willing it seems to strip down to his jockstrap. He starts to play with himself under the jockstrap and by the time the jockstrap comes
off he is already hard. He pulls ad his dick a little and then clasps his hand around it and moves it around for the camera so we get a good view. He then turns around and we get a view of his ass while he
masturbates. He then lays down and masturbates and we get a good view of him stroking his long hard shaft with his legs spread wide open and obvious enjoyment on his face. He then squirts his load and gets
it on his hand.

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 10
We are greeted by Ollie he sits and chats for a while before stripping down his clothes with a little reluctance it seems. He is then given a magazine to look at with hot chicks so that he
can masturbate while looking at the chicks. As he looks at them he starts stroking his hand up and down his shaft, getting more and more excited by the minute. He lays down on the bed and points his hard
dick every which way for us to get a good view and continues to masturbate, stroking his hand up and down his long shaft with obvious pleasure. His face gets red from the effort. He then finally blows his
load on his stomach.

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 11
We are greeted by Carsten. A hot guy who is obviously horny because after not too long his clothes come off and he starts playing with is dick. He moves it all around to give us a good
view of it and then starts jerking off. He starts humping the pillows of the couch he is on and stroking his ass then starts jerking himself off again. He plays with the tip as he jerks himself off. He
strokes his hand up and down his long hard shaft and the pleasure is obvious on his face as he continues to masturbate. As he gets ready to cum he moves his finger off the top and squirts his white load
onto his thigh.

All American Navy Seals! – Scene 12
Theres just something especially sexy about a military man! In this hot clip, all American Navy Seal Steve strips off and shows his rock hard and muscular body. This guy has obviously
spent a lot of time in the weight room, as he is built like a brick shit house! He has got huge pecks and a massive chest, just the kind of thing that you would like to lay your head down on after he has
been fucking you in the ass. Initially he just strips down to his underpants, but finally the cameraman coaxes him in to getting completely nude, showing off his thick and manly penis. Its just divine,
and he jerks himself off all over a mirror.
Steve J

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