Adonis Cole and Johnny Hill 1080p


Foreign exchange student Adonis Cole, learning the ropes in America means dealing with Johnny Hill’s handsy little step-, Elliot Finn. Elliot has a bit of a history getting a little too fresh with the guys in the house, and Adonis certainly has a body worth groping, so one could hardly blame Elliot when he tries to cop a feel of Adonis’ package. Johnny has to remind Elliot that not everyone gets down in such a family positive way, but Elliot tells him to let him decide for himself, and to Johnny’s disbelief, it turns out that Adonis’ curiosity extends to more than just American culture. Needing no more of an invite, Johnny and Elliot proceed to show Adonis a very special kind of hospitality, one that he’ll surely take home with him.

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Duration: 33:29
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