A Boy for Torture – Part 9


Cole knows he’s a beautiful boy. He knows men look at him with lust. But, until now, he never realized that he would suffer because of his sex appeal, that he would be captured, stripped naked, displayed like a piece of meat, brutally tortured, fucked like a whore and to cum like a stud-colt. But here he is, naked, chained in a dungeon, his cock still hard after cumming an hour ago. He is being whipped on his chest and abs by his tormentor, Felix Frost, with three different whips: a flag whip, a small flogger and a nasty single-tail. Cole trembles and moans seductively, his lean, smooth body flexing and unflexing, his still semi-erect cock bouncing, his chest and abs scarred with deep lash marks. A bit later, Felix installs a new light to illuminate Cole’s back and ass, the next target of his lash. Cole’s backside is whipped even harder, marred even more beautifully. He is the perfect slave boy, suffering, naked and alone. .

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