A Boy for Torture – Part 6


“Oh God it’s too big!” Cole gasps as Felix Frost pulls out the steel butt-plug he used to break-in Cole’s asshole and replaces it with a massive dildo with a fist-like ball on the end. Cole cries out in agony as the huge phallus pummels his asshole like a pile-driver. He remains firmly attached to the horizontal X-cross by a series of elastic cords that dig into his flesh. After fucking his boy for an hour, Felix leaves the punishment dildo imbedded in Cole’s ass then whips him hard with his favorite flogger while continuing to fuck him. “Whose ass is this? Felix barks. “Yours, sir,” Cole sputters, the dildo still shoved-in as his ass and back are flogged, then misted with . Pretty-boy Cole is then flipped over onto his back and pinned down by the same web of elastic, and his torso and balls are covered with biting clothespins. Pure beauty meets pure agony.

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