A Boy for Torture – Part 10


Beautiful Cole Miller stands chained in the dungeon, wearing nothing but a rubber cock ring, his lean, hairless body covered with lash marks. Whip master Felix Frost continues to slice the boy with the single-tail, then brutally spanks his round ass with the flag-whip. Cole is almost hysterical from the pain, his muscles flexing as he gasps and screams. But Felix’s sadism isn’t even close to being sated. He attaches steel clips to Cole’s nipples and continues to whip him with the single-tail. Cole’s youth and beauty make Felix want to hurt him even more. “Please…” Cole begs before Felix sprays his fresh wounds with . Felix then covers Cole’s chest, abs and cock with clothespins. Cole is able to reach the pins on his torso and, although he knows it will be painful, pulls them off one by one, putting on quite a show. He can’t reach the cock pins, though; he’ll have to endure that pain until his tormentor returns in the morning.

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