Gays While Lucas Garza is stretching out his asshole

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Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

He says he’s "feeling pretty pumped by this." He told us that he once let a "sugar daddy" suck him off for money and how he got off on the power trip of having an "old guy suck my young dick" and he went "savage." Derek gets him to fake fuck a rolled up quilt which… Paul is aware of how silly he looks. Just makes us look forward to it even more.But this is the first time he’s gone all the way with a guy. Lucas has done this before and he’s excited to get his ass fucked by a newbie. We always get the guys to start out with kissing. You can always see how passionate a scene is going to be by how they kiss. The first words are from Paul who says he hadn’t seen Lucas with his shirt off and didn’t realize he was that fit. If Paul thought it was going to be taking charge, he probably wasn’t expecting Lucas to just grab him and body slam him on his back to take off his pants. But he takes it. Paul starts to spank Lucas’ ass and Lucas just says "oh fuck yearn… harder." Lucas gets Paul’s underwear off and a half-hard dick pops out. Paul is gonna like this. So are we.

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