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1 man and 8 lads? Now that’s what we call one lucky cunt! Or is it 1 man and 8 scally cunts! Doelight man, Steve, bored and stuck in his council flat on a Friday night decides to have a couple of tinnys and a smoke with his mate to relieve the boredom. Fucked off with the crap footy on TV and having not that much else to do Big Steve gets an unexpected phone call from another couple of lads on the estate who want to pop round to borrow some smoke. The lads sit and chat and as the lager kicks in they decide to stick a bit of porn on the telly. It’s not long before man Steve has got a big boner and chancing his luck gets one of the lads to suck him off… the other lad Tyson watches Big Steve getting a good sucking and says he fancies a bit of that himself. Soon little Danny is getting spit-roasted by big Steve and muscley scally lad Tyson – alternating with his mates to fuck Danny’s tight hairy arsehole who can’t get enough of their big fat cocks pounding away at him.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:48:11
Video: 728×394, AVC (H.264), 2904kbps
Audio: 134kbps

File size: 2.4 GB

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