Trevor Laster And Derek Cline

Studio: Nakedsword

Derek Cline and Trevor Laster can hardly keep their hands off each other as they lock lips and strip each other down. When Trevers cock pops out first, Derek wastes no time getting down on his knees to service the studs lengthy cock. Trevor delivers long and deep strokes to the back of Dereks throat that the oral stud takes with ease.
Trevor wants to show off his oral talents, so he bends Derek over the couch and spreads his cheeks to get full access to Dereks hole. Without hesitation, Trevor plants his face firmly in between Dereks smooth ass and works his tongue in and around his hole, making sure to give his balls some much needed attention too.
When Trevor has had his taste of Dereks ass, he replaces his tongue with his throbbing raw cock and shoves it deep inside Dereks hole. Bent over the armrest, Derek takes the bareback pile-driving that Trevor is delivering to his hole.
Switching positions, Trevor sits back to let Derek climb on top and ride him as deep as he likes. Derek rides Trevors pole deep until he wants to lay back and give Trevor control again. Grabbing onto his ankles, Derek watches as Trevors throbbing rod slides in and out of him making his eyes roll back.
While Trevor keeps probing his cock into Dereks ass, Derek lets out a thick load that lands all over his furry abs. Seeing Derek covered in his own load sends Trevor over the edge and strokes his meat until his own cum is added into the mix.

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Duration: 27:38
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1716kbps
Audio: 124kbps

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