Toby-Full body flogging

Release Year: 2020

Scared out of his wits and well aware that the warehouse door is firmly locked, Toby knows he has no choice but to obey – any struggling will only lead to even more pain.

Dave ties up Toby’s firm young cock and balls into an agonisingly tight little package, and Toby howls into my handgag as Dave attaches a heavy axe to the end of the string. If Toby moves an inch, his already burting balls will practically pop out of the sac, and he’ll be in a world of pain. Dave punches Toby in the gut a few times, winding him, making him stagger around, yanking his sore balls even more. I join in with a flogger, lashing the teenager’s sensitive back, causing him to continue his miserable dance.

After Dave makes Toby confess that he’s robbed old ladies, so I decide to up the pain. Fastening pegs all over Toby’s tender cock and nipples, Dave takes a flogger and viciously lashes off each peg. Toby’s screams reach a satisfying crescendo, giving Dave and I throbbing, hard cocks.

I shove Toby onto a mattress and pinion his arms behind his head. The trembling boy knows not to attempt to resist. "Open your mouth. Tongue out." Toby’s eyes plead up at me as I place my rigid dick on his reluctant tongue, but his misery just makes me even hornier. I thrust forward down Toby’s throat, making him gag as he takes in my hard length.
Meanwhile, Dave’s plugging Toby’s spare hole with a huge dildo on a pole – he rams it deep into Toby’s arse as I fuck the boy’s face, making Toby howl in agony as the thick cock rips open his tight little straight arsehole. But my facefucking is relentless – Toby’s cries just resonate even more pleasingly on my rampant prick.

Sadly for Toby, Dave’s not satisfied with just sexually tormenting him – the brutal man has a nasty streak which leads him to humiliate and abuse these straight lads in every way possible. As I move round to Toby’s arse to fuck him, Dave plants his smelly, hairy arse right over Toby’s face. Toby has no choice but to lick and suck Dave’s dirty arsehole, as Dave rests his whole weight on Toby’s face, making full use of the crying boy’s not ready tongue.

After giving Toby a motivational thrashing with my flogger, I finally plunge my erect cock balls deep into Toby’s tight hetero arsehole. Dave and I ride his body like a sex toy, using him mercilessly at both ends, fucking and grinding into him like a piece of meat. With Toby’s cries of pain muffled by Dave’s arsecheeks, the only sounds to be heard are our grunts of satisfaction.

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Duration: 19:23
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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