Toby-Cum swallowing

Release Year: 2020

Toby and Luke have gone from being in the same street gang, to being roped together on hands and knees, like animals. It’s a pathetic sight.
I select Toby to give me a blowjob, and while he’s miserably suckling on my meat, I inform him that both he and his mate will be punished if he fails to put in enough effort. Of course, Toby’s hetero mouth is pretty fucking amateurish – he isn’t using his tongue properly, he isn’t going deep enough… this deserves a caning.

Adrian stands over the two quivering boys, lashing both their arses at the same time, with a long, stiff cane. With their bums tied close together, high in the air, they’re the perfect target for a series of vicious lashes, which leave red stripes all over their pale bumcheeks.

Luke is particularly pissed off that he’s being punished for his mate’s oral failings. "Do it properly, for fucks sake!" he hisses, as Toby tries his best to deepthroat. "OUCH! Just suck it! Do it deeper!" But there’s no escape for either boy – Toby is choking, impaled on my dick and Luke is wriggling in agony as the cane thrashes him twice as much as his mate. Finally, after a long, hard beating for both lads, Toby makes me come. I shoot into his mouth and make him swallow, before shoving his head down to make him lick up every drop off the grimy floor.

Luke is secured face down, bent over a table, with a tube gag which holds his mouth wide open. We march Toby to Luke’s contorted face, now no more than a fuckhole, and tell him that he must use Luke’s mouth to get hard, or face a beating. With tears rolling down his cheeks, Toby reluctantly begins fucking his mate’s mouth, his flaccid straight little cock depending entirely on Luke’s not ready tongue action.
But Luke doesn’t want the cock in his mouth, and Toby fails to get an erection, so I take a flogger to Toby’s arse, and Adrian canes Luke to within an inch of his life as Toby does his best to bang his face.

Their pathetic little fuckshow continues as we take the gag out of Luke’s mouth and make Toby tug his cock over Luke’s arse, trying to get it hard that way. Adrian shoves his hard cock deep down Luke’s throat, plugging that end while I thrash both lads for their respective failings. We laugh as we make Luke suck off Toby, ordering Toby to watch as I ram my erection right up Luke’s arse. Toby cringes in horror as Luke screams round his dick, his teeth his mate as he reacts to the pain of having his virginity taken from him.

Toby looks terrified as Luke chokes on his dick, while I bang away at Luke’s arse. He knows that one wrong move or one wrong answer will earn him more punishment, and he performs his part of our sordid game like an unhappy robot.

But it’s about to get worse. We shove a funnel into Luke’s arse and crack open a bottle of cheap cider, making Toby watch as we pour all the fizzy liquid right into Luke’s guts. Luke moans and gasps in agony, but it’s Toby who’s getting the worst end of this deal… we hold his face up against Luke’s leaking arsehole, reminding him of all the shit, cum and cider inside his mate’s arse. And with a loud fart, Luke shoots the disgusting liquid right up into Toby’s face. The stinking cocktail goes up Toby’s nose, into his mouth, his eyes, all over his body. This would turn any young yob off cheap cider for life!

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Duration: 25:24
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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