The Gym Teacher is My Toy – pt. 3

Release Year: 2012
Studio: KO Company, Kuruu
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Threesome, Toys, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshot

My toy is the third physical education teacher! ! The secret that everyone is hiding.
Habit, hatred, affection, money … Student plan! Series highest super-radical work! ! The moment the little adults adults! !
<Part 1, Prostitution Boys Student>
A violent pervert physical education teacher who is gradually addicted to the young body and charm of the student.
The cock of cock and ass fucks the reason … "Teacher, if you want to eat me, give me more money" Prostitution provoked.
Side licking, leg licking, licking your fingers, licking the whole body, the final is a solid Mara of students spreading over the end … … Physical education teacher who shakes his back like crazy! ! "The teacher is a foolish and perverted person, it is too pleasure to dig mocks."
<Part 2, Hatred and Affection>
"I love my teacher, I always shiver when I shout at me. I do not really dislike it.
But I also like that … it’s already a limit, "Hayato who learned Professor’s prostitution, Urawa teacher …" Where did the bullish teacher always go to me?
The teacher wanted for a long time "Hayato who is sucked by teacher ‘s decamaran, teacher’ s decamala in a student ‘s ass …" I wanted this … teacher, I love you, feel together! ! "
<Part 3, the face behind the student’s teacher>
Takuya falling in love with a good-looking guy who is a good guy of new recruitment, Tsukaimasu talking about it. And there is a secret to the teacher.
"The teacher, do you want to be rose?" "Physical education teacher who preys on students. Decamala who is played with students and swells up in the jersey! "Teacher’s cock is sweaty and it is decky and masculine" A physical education teacher gradually falling into pleasure.
Bodies that two students dug a hole of asses and crazy … ….
"Teacher, let’s feel comfortable with us, our adolescents are already adults"
Numerous shock developments! ! A broken adult, a crazy little … Only instinct called instinct desire moment when reason came out pushed up! ! !

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