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Gay HD Porn 8teenboy / HelixStudios – Twink Trails

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Release Year: 2017
Cast: Jay Thompson, Jared Scott
Studio: 8teenboy / HelixStudios

Horny hikers Jared Scott and Jay Thompson are enjoying a nature trail like two curious Cub Scouts! Apparently all that fresh air has the boy revved up and anxious to explore on another’s happy trails! Jared is an adorably tiny, toned twink and watching him work Jared’s jack hammer is an absolute treat! The thing looks HUGE in his tender young hands! Compared to jail bail Jay, Jared would be the hot young “Scout Master/cool camp counselor” type we all lusted after during sweaty summers at camp. He makes it his mission to get some fire goin’ with Thompson’s hard wood! Pretty soon the bed is a blaze and Jay’s pretty legs are high in the air! Jared jams his tongue deep into his protege before penetrating the kid with his perfect pecker! It’s a condom free fantasy and Jay is enjoying every organic inch of pure penis! Jared becomes the “big spoon” in a romantic position before our young friend hops on top to ride the big boy rides! Jared cups the kid’s can with his thick hands the entire ride, pausing only to switch his grip to guide his groin in deeper. Jay’s jacking gets more intense and he lets his youth juice loose on top of his top, even staying plugged in for a while enjoying the after shocks of ecstasy! Talk about youthful stamina! He senses our top starting to erupt, hops off and plants his angelic mug- mouth first beside the beast! He laps at Jared’s sticky love like a hungry puppy, then lets Jared get a taste of his hot hung self through some tender kisses.

Quality: 1080p
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:24:34
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920×1080 29.97fps 4996kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 189kbps

File size: 912 MB

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Gay HD Porn [8teenboy] Bareback Boys – Alan Davis, Gabe Isaac [1080p]

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Release Year: 2017
Cast: Alan Davis, Gabe Isaac
Studio: /

It’s a cool crisp chilly day in San Diego as Alan Davis happens upon young hottie, Gabe Isaac, in the park. Ever the flirt, Davis invites the kid back to his place where they can warm up…. Which is the understatement of the YEAR, ‘cause boy is packin’ some HEAT! Underneath all those clothes lies a scorchingly HOT, mammoth meat monster! His schlong hangs heavy with engorged thickness and Davis devours every last inch, bracing the base with his hand so nobody gets injured because this thing is a weapon! Davis’s dong gets the star treatment it deserves from Isaac as well before the horse hung hottie turns him around to explore his succulent sphincter. This kid’s cock is so big Alan absolutely NEEDS to be primed with a wet mouth before that bad boy breaks in with his bionic boner bareback. The boys tag team one another’s tight ends, taking turns switch hitting as they stretch each other’s unbelievable anal limits of lust. Feverishly fucking hard on the dorm room floor, Davis drives his hard wood home until it heaves out heavy cream inside Gabe’s now gorgeously gaping hole.

Quality: 1080p
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:22:08
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920×1080 29.97fps 4996kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 189kbps

File size: 821 MB

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Gays Anal Boys Orgasm Compilation – Part 1

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Anal Boys Orgasm Compilation


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Gays Asian Fine 37 – Smile

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Fine 37 - Smile


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Gays Asian If I Fell In Love With You 2

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If I Fell In Love With You 2


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Gays Asian If I Fell In Love With You 3

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If I Fell In Love With You 3


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Gays Asian If I Fell In Love With You 4

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If I Fell In Love With You 4


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Gays Asian If I Fell In Love With You 1

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If I Fell In Love With You 1


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Gays Kristian Wana

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Guy taking a bath and masturbates

Production year: 2010
Genre: Teens, Masturbation
Duration: 00:24:26
Video Format: wmv
Size: 291 Mb


File size: 291.0 MB

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Gays Russian Lovers

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Russian Lovers
twinks, teens, oral, anal, duets, solo, masturbation, russians
Andrello Ponti
Aleksey Daskevich, Morozov Ridvanov

File size: 1.3 GB

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Gays That’s Gonna Hurt (2010)

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Year: 2010
Genre: Compilation, Twinks (Young Meat), Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Rimming, Uniforms, Threesomes
Duration: 01:30:32
Studio: Eurocreme, Eurocreme Collection
Cast: Brett Carter, Cameron Wilson, Clayton Kole, Danny Dawson, Matt Hughes, Neil Stevens, Steven Tyler, Titch Jones

With cocks so big you just know these bottom boys will be walking funny for days, That’s Gonna Hurt is a selection of enormous erections that have the other boys begging for mercy and you begging for more. Feel the thrill of these mammoth members over and over again as they split sweet asses apart and soak them with gallons of spunk!

Slim, smooth scally-boy Clayton Kole and toned, tanned Brett Carter start things off in the bedroom, as Brett gets to work tearing off Clayton’s dirty trackies and displaying the monster bulge lurking underneath! There’s some amazingly hot blowjob action here, with both boys gagging on the other’s fat cocks, Brett’s broad, muscled physique a contrast to Clayton’s slender frame and fair skin. Soon though, Clayton’s getting the urge to slam his dirty great fuck rod as far up inside Brett’s eager, peachy butt as possible. After a long wet rim-job to loosen up the tight little hole, the blonde boy’s gargantuan donkey dick is forced inside Brett, right up his swollen balls, stretching the dark-haired stud’s ass to epic proportions. Insatiable Clayton likes to fuck hard and he rams the fucking shit out of Brett, who sweats like the dirty bastard he is while he’s pounded Brett jerks himself into a frenzy, (much like everyone else watching this!) and after what seems like a marathon fucking session both boys cum like fountains, with Brett’s sweet lips getting coated in gallons of the stuff, before he licks it off and swallows every drop!

Two huge dicks in one scene!! Titch Jones surely makes up for his name in the crotch area! This scene starts of the film superbly with these two hung teens getting hot and horny with each other, pounding sweet tight holes until they are stretched to the limit! Fantastic cumshots makes you want to put your tongue out and lick it up yourself!

We finally get to see what is undoubtedly the horniest scene; muscle stud Neil is back, looking more ripped than ever, and horn-dog Steven really loves every second he’s got his hands on his huge torso. Laying back on the sofa and getting harder and harder, (just like us) we get to see Neil’s hugely delicious dick burst out of his pants again, with Steven ready to swallow it up! Back in his jockstrap, that bubble butt is framed perfectly, especially when he bends over, ready for the kind of workout only a gym addict can give him. Grinding back onto Neil’s massive meat, Steven is eager for more and is fucked deep into the sofa, as Neil’s amazing body tenses and tightens, becoming the most defined it’s ever been, giving Steven the fuck of his young life!

Meanwhile, at the police station, blue eyed and blonde haired twink Cameron Wilson has been hauled in by Sergeant Matt Hughes for dealing drugs in a nightclub. Of course this means the policeman has to do a cavity search, so the twink strips off revealing one peachy little bubble butt! Matt slides his well lubed fingers deep inside Cameron, searching his tight, soft hole as far as he can reach, noticing that the blonde boy has a raging boner in the process! Sergeant Hughes has one of his own too, and it’s fucking gigantic! Eleven inches of cock is revealed and Matt orders the young boy to suck it, making him almost choke on his thick, meaty monster! He stretches the boys asshole to epic proportions next as he slides the entire length of his donkey dick deep into the twink, listening to him moan in pleasure and pain as he’s penetrated further than ever before!

Ever hungry for cock and spunk, Wayne and Dominic want to get steamy with Darian, so they head to the sauna, where a fantastic threesome takes place, with a double blow job to start things off, as Dom and Darian worship Wayne’s enormous length with their tongues, before Dom is driven deep and ridden hard by it! It’s hard to tell whether the heat is coming from the sauna or from these boys, as the action just keeps getting hotter, with sweat dripping off their ripped, tight and smooth torsos, while they pound and slam before they blow their sticky loads across each other!

File size: 1,0 Gb
Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 848×480 29.97fps 1405Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 0.9 GB

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Gays Russian Beauty 3: Edan (2006)

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Year: 2006
Genre: twinks, russians, oral, anal
Duration: 02:42:16
Director: Alex Clark
Studio: Dolphin Videos
Cast: Tony, Max, Dante, Tomas, Lex, Cody, Evgeniy W, Anatoliy, Pasha, Edan

Dolphin Entertainment proudly presents its film Russian Beauty #3 – Edan. This film is about our superstar Edan and how he began his career with Dolphin Entertainment as an innocent boy and grew into being a man. Each scene is being commentated by Edan and our director Alex Clark, it’s thrilling and fun to watch how Oleg is going down memory lane, where he talks about his favorite partners, and most exciting and worst moments of his adult career.

Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 512×384 29.97fps 765Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps [Audio 1]
File size: 1.09 GB

File size: 1.0 GB

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Gays At face

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Two guys came to the gym pokachatsya but sports has evolved into a gay love

Production year: 2010
Genre: Teens, oral, anal, sport, cumshot
Duration: 00:22:37
Size: 210 Mb


File size: 210.3 MB

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