Sadistic Satyrs (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Anal, Oral, Dildo, Toys, Enema, Gape, Rimming, Deep Throating, Big Cocks, Torture, Rape
Duration: 01:16:32
Director: Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts
Studio: Satyr Films Production
Cast: John Adams, Gabriel, Luke Warm, Lonny, Rock Bottom

Welcome to Satyr Films Titles! Our main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be. We are all tired of the same, boring porn. The thing that separates us from the rest is the INTENSITY that we get from our performers. We NEED the RAW and the EXTREME. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE MEN, AND THAT’S WHAT BEING A MAN IS ALL ABOUT. ENJOY!

Scene 1. Gangbang
This is by far our most intense fuckfest yet! We took straight guy, Gabriel and we fucked every which way to Sunday. We hung him upside down like a piece of beef. Luke was the first to attack his throat. Poor Gabriel was a mere plaything of Luke’s thick cock. Luke was at shoving his thick dick down Gabriel’s throat. The two of them were soon joined by John Adams. Another hot Satyr who can’t get enough of a defenseless straight man. In fact, Gabriel’s girlfriend thought that Gabriel was going on all day film shoot for some reality show. Oh, it was real alright, maybe too real.
Of course, Rock, soon joined the threesome to perform some of his trademark Satyr throatfucking on the upside down stud. It was not long before Gabriel was choking and gagging on three Satyr cocks. His hole was then penetrated with long dildos and the infamous, greased-up Satyr Chain. That chain has been making the rounds, first going into Chad Rock’s hole in Cum Filled Manholes 3, then into Rock Bottom’s sweet hole in Ream His Straight Throat 7. And finally it was shoved in link by link into Gabriel’s tight asshole. If only his girlfriend could him now!
After an eternity of Gabriel’s world being turned upside down, he was pushed down onto the Satyr fuck swing. Luke made quick measure of plunging his fat cock into Gabriel’s quivering hole. Rock and John fought over who could shove their cocks down the deepest into Gabe’s throat and ass. Just when Gabriel was to the point of total exhaustion the Satyrs turn on Rock and ram him into the fuck swing. Rock howls as the first cock punctures his sphincter. He was obviously not prepared for the intensity of the pounding to follow. He is penetrated from both ends as it seems the two cocks want to meet in the middle somewhere inside Rock. Rock does his best to resist the assault but his butthole and throat are no match for the ramrods. As if to add insult to injury, the Satyr’s shove a 9 inch beer bottle up Rock’s hole. This is truly a first for Rock! He screams in agony as the 2 ? inch thick glass plug scrapes the sides of his manhole.
Gabriel continues to get fucked raw from the insatiable Satyrs while Rock continues to get pounded from both ends. The men move over to the showers for an intense series of enemas that clean out Gabriel and Rock’s holes. The water shot deep inside their fuckholes erupts in a series of geysers that need to be seen to be believed. After their holes are emptied they are filled with hot jizz from our Satyr Men.

Scene 2. Lonny Fuck Scene
Lonny is a cute, Hispanic guy we found standing in front of the Home Depot in Hollywood, California. We had gone there to pick up some supplies to make our Satyr Fuck Swing. He came up to us and asked whether we were hiring. As a matter of fact we were, but not for the kind of work he was probably looking for.
After verifying that he was truly legal, we offered him a wad of cash for a few hours work. He was a little apprehensive at first, but the thought of making a week’s worth of pay in a few hours was too much for him to pass up. Although, he said he was bisexual, it soon became apparent that he was not accustomed to the Satyr way of fucking.
Our Satyr wasted little time in shoving his thick cock down Lonny’s small throat and head. Rock’s cock was probably as long as Lonny’s head was wide. Lonny was soon whimpering as Rock’s thick dick probed deep inside his ass.
Lonny was soon crying and squirming as our Satyr man pounded his hole and throat. Rock dominated Lonny from every possible position but Lonny was determined to earn his keep. When Lonny could go no further, our Satyr pumped his hole full of hot, Satyr juice.
We gave Lonny his pay and dropped him off at the bus stop. We watched him in the rear view mirror as we drove off.
I’m sure his hole was twitching and oozing out a hot load from his Cum Filled Manhole. Another one bites the dust!

File size: 1,2 Gb
Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 7 640×480 29.97fps 2180Kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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