Gays Raw Gutter Fuck Brayden Wolf, Dakota

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Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Dakota and Brayden are two straight, or bi-curious (or whatever label you wanna give them) guys who found each other on a DL sex app and decided to meet in person. They soon discovered they had more in common than their nearly identical sneakers and hung cocks. They both had an appetite for bareback back alley boning and decided to get their raw fuck on right there where anyone could have walked up on them. But they’re not gonna kiss, cause you know, that might just cross a comfortability line.Who knows why they couldn’t meet up at home. Maybe their girlfriends were there, maybe they have bro roommates, maybe they just didn’t want the other one to know where they lived. Regardless, public play is pretty hot, and both guys were cool meeting up in a less than desirable locale to get down to the business of butt fucking. Brayden led Dakota behind a wall and found a reasonably discreet spot to start exploring each other’s bodies. The sun shone down on their fit physiques as they began manhandling the front of their counterpart’s pants.Brayden slid his shorts down so Dakota could get a handful of his swollen cock through those blue boxer briefs. They’d suddenly gotten very tight and he needed Dakota to release his pulsating prick from its cotton prison. Brayden had his hand completely inside Dakota’s gym shorts, rubbing his cut cock and big balls from behind the fabric barrier. Their faces were fixed, intently working away at the task at hand… handys.

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