Gays Raw and Rough – Ray Gets Loaded Up

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Ray Dalton is one sly daddy. He’s in the mood to collect some hot loads, so he recruits some o’ the hottest men and boys this side o’ the Mississippi to lay him out and load him up. First batter up is Shay Michaels, or should I say first workman up. Shay’s totin’ a reciprocating saw with a big old honkin’ dildo pokin’ out the end and he slams it to Ray really good. Lex pisses on Ray’s hole while the dildo’s slammin’ up inside his hungry chute, adding lube and gettin’ it ready for s’more raw cock. Shay swaps his own 8-incher for the fuck machine, pounds Ray’s ass while Nick Roberts feeds him his monster cock, then Shay breeds the hungry fucker. Lex takes over, whips his fat uncut Canadian cock into a lather, slams it up Ray’s cum-filled hole and seeds it. Nick opens that cum pie really wide with his gargantuan dick while Aarin Asker shoots a creamy boy load down Ray’s throat. Lucas is up next and it doesn’t take him long to dump his huge boy load in Ray’s cum-loaded pig hole. Dazed, Lucas sits down on the floor, where Ray surprises him by shooting his monster load down Lucas’s eager gullet. Everyone leaves happy and drained.

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Duration: 25:13
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2346kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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