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Cast: President Olsen, Elder Dalton
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Elder Dalton knew he should be carrying his head high as a newly ordained member of the Order. It was a great honor andachievement, something most other missionaries would never know. Still, he felt himself overwhelmed by all of what had happened to him.

In a few short months, he’d gone from a having a completely provincial and stunted concept of sex and sexuality to now being at the beck and call of the higher priesthood, handsome, powerful older man whose appetites are beyond what he could even conceive.

He wanted to make them proud and uphold his oaths and promises, but the scared Mormon boy inside him was still very much a part of his being. He thought this would go away after his ordination, but it seemed to only complicate things more. What more would be asked of him? How would he handle it? Was he ready?

The test came when he was next called to the temple. He’d gotten comfortable with the idea of meeting with President Lee and Hart, but he had no idea who he’d be meeting with next. As he made his way into the temple, he was brought back into the basement where a tall, masked figured waited for him.

Who was this? Elder Dalton wasn’t familiar with the strange, but was immediately impressed by his stature. He was a full foot taller than him, making him feel even more like the scared, nervous boy he tried to fight off showing.

The boy had no idea who President Olsen was or his role in the Order, but he’d been well trained to not ask questions, not to disobey, and to focus on serving the men he was presented to.

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