Paolo and Jay

Studio: All-American Heroes

Airman Paolo is back to discover a little more about being in the military.

He sits down next to Jay and the two swap stories about life as an enlisted man.

When the conversation turns to strippers theyve encountered in other countries, the guys start talking about the porn displayed on the screen across the room.

They compare the girls in the video to some theyve encountered in real life.

Jay leans back and starts to casually massage his crotch as his buddy stares at the screen.

Using the conversation about titties to loosen his shirt, Jay continues to work his dick through the camouflage.

Taking a cue from his buddy, Paolo also starts to grab his own cock.

Paolo is interested in whats going on in Jays pants and doesnt protest as Jay unbuttons his pants and reaches inside.

Leaning back to get a better view of whats going on in Jays pants, Paolo offers, "you need some help with that?" Jay obliges as his latin friend reaches in and starts to stroke his stiffy.

Jay reaches over and massages Paolos pubic area before the airman unleashes the tan monster from its prison. The two jerk themselves off before Paolo goes in for a good suck on Jays pink cock. Jay is eager to return the favor and drops to his knees.

His pale skin contrasts against Paolos olive complexion.

Jay opens wide and swallows the uncut beast, slurping and gulping as he does.

After swapping blowjobs back and forth a couple times, Jay is ready to blow.

He unloads his manjuice into Paolos open mouth, squirting several large servings down his throat.

Paolo doesnt want to miss a drop and laps up the pools of semen from Jays pale stomach.

Paolo stands up and allows Jay to suck him off until his uncircumcised dick explodes into the Marines mouth, spraying jizz all over his chin.

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