Gays Oath – Elder Sorensen

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Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

The central tenet of the Order is obedience and submission to the Higher Priesthood, whenever and however they may require.Elder Sorensen is not unfamiliar with this principle, having worked so hard for so long to not only follow it for himself, but to brings others to appreciate it as well.From time to time, an older priest may require the service and company of one of the younger boys. And it is the missionary’s duty to be of such service without hesitation. And being that Sorensen is by far one of the most beautiful and capable boys in the Order’s stable, he’s often called upon to serve.President Olsen enjoys trying out the new recruits as they come in, but when he’s looking to be completely and expertly satisfied, he knows that there’s no substitute for experience and training. And besides, no one knows how to suck a big cock quite like Sorenson.President Olsen told the boy to meet him in a private room in the temple, far from the other

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