Naked In Nature

Release Year: 2018

This exercise is about reconnecting with the essential sensual self as a part of nature and is inspired by Andres from Andres Sacred Intimat Setup: For this exercise, see if you can find a safe, comfortable location that allows nudity. It could be a park, a resort, or a friend’s fully enclosed back yard. Choose a nice day (sunny or with occasional clouds), with a temperature that is comfortable and won’t be too hot or cold. Beginning the exercise: Set up and begin your timer. Disrobe, and find a spot to lay on the ground. If possible and comfortable, lay directly on thick cool grass. If that isn’t possible, then use a sheet, a towel, or a blanket on the ground beneath you. bly been around before, but you have not truly paid attention to, like wind, perhaps? Where do you sense the sounds to be coming from? What are the subtler sounds? (Taste) Starting with your mouth closed, taste your mouth. Open your mouth gently. Taste the air around you. If there is a breeze, allow it to caress your tongue. What does it taste like? What could be the reasons for its taste? What tastes are you craving, in those moments? Complete the exercise, then spend a few minutes sitting in silence, appreciating what you have learned, and how it may be practiced in other parts of your life. Variations: There are seemingly infinite possibilities of modifying this exercise. You can spend some of your time lying on your back, and part of the time lying on your stomach. You could invite a friend. If with a friend, you could hold hands through this exercise, and share what you are sensing and feeling. Consider taking an item or two to take into the experiment. For example, a piece of fruit, and a stone. Practice exploring both with your sentences, and see how it expands your learning.

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