MormonBoyz – Temple Shower – Elder Ingles & Bishop Gibson – 720p

Elder Ingles followed behind Bishop Gibson, unsure of why he was being pulled away. He’d often watched the handsome man whenever they were in the same room, fantasizing about him, but he’d never spoken with him until now.

There was something strangely familiar and intimidating about Bishop Gibson to the young Mormon. He reminded him of his older : square jawed, trim beard, intense look in the eyes. Deep down Ingles wanted to impress him, like he did with his siblings, but there was something more to it as well.

The older leader had pulled Ingles aside during temple, whispering to him when the two were close and alone. Ingles knew there must be something secretive about this… perhaps even something to do with the Order. He went along with him, leaving his companion behind, curious to find what this sexy stranger would show him.

As he continued, he realized they were heading to the temple showers. No one would

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