Mormonboyz – Elder Ivy – Atonement (with President Oaks and boy Hales)

Studio: Mormonboyz
Genres: Gays

Elder Ivy stood in the dark room trying not to show his excitement. He was brought in by President Oaks and boy Hales, the two men who had taken him on his current path so far. And he couldn’t be more lost in his thoughts.

He’d come to love his mission and the prospect of being inducted into the Order. He also developed a bit of a soft spot for President Oaks, the man who first extended him the invitation. He wanted to impress him, so he tried his best to appear completely open and obedient–like a good Mormon boy should be.

However, his cool veneer was challenged as soon as Hales and Oaks removed a black sheet from what appeared to be a long bench studded with graduated phallic pegs! As the two men folded the sheet, Ivy couldn’t help but study each one, anxious that his ritual atonement would go well.

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