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Elder Land stared up at his ceiling all night. His companion was fast asleep, long mellowed by the mundanity of their day. But Elder Land was stuck thinking about what had he’d learned.

Following his invasive meeting with President Faust–a meeting in which he was aggressively fondled and milked–the older man told him about a secret organization known simply as The Order.

Elder Land was barely able to catch his breath from his exhaustive climax and couldn’t stop looking at his load as Faust took a cloth and wiped it from his hand. Between his deep breaths and pounding heart beats, he listened as President Faust explained the secret fraternal organization and how he was being invited to be inducted and tried for his worthiness.

He didn’t know what it was more than that, but knew he wanted in. He instinctively knew this would help him manage his same-sex attraction.

Maybe they had secrets and a deeper understanding of sexuality that others didn’t

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