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Alex is the next installment of new releases never before scene until today! This is Alex and I’m sure you all remember this stud from way back to almost the original models that started with me when I was living in Los Angeles in a condo with a roommate. Talk about way back! In this scene, you get to know Alex on a personal level and watch him introduce his cock to Rob and the solo turned into the assistance of the master who was dying to get his mouth on it!

When Alex arrived he was definitely hyped and nervous because this is really the first time he’s ever been in a sexual nature with another man especially without any clothes. I was very daring in those days and I’m surprised I didn’t get my ass kicked a few times but I was lucky I suppose. Well smart also. I think I was made for this type of work. I spent most of the day with Alex, following him around with the camera and asking him all kinds of nasty sexual questions that he would be taken a back at the veracity of my inquiries.
Throughout the interview, I would make cracks about his cock and his body and I knew that he was beginning to sense I wanted in his pants. I had him strip down to his birthday suite and asked him to give his cock a good shaking so we can see it expand. With his baseball cap on backwards, Alex began to stroke his cock, tempting and teasing me as he squeezed the head of his cock up in the direction of my face.

I began to grab and play with it a little, using the "want some lube" excuse so I can get my hands on it a little. That eventually made its way to me stroking his cock and then little by little he began to give over the reins of his cock to my willing hands and mouth. We made out way into the bedroom where I know I could decompose this stud down to the juicy gooey load. I sucked and stroked this stud but Alex has always been the one that needs to beat his meat feverishly in order to get a release.

I instructed Alex to hand his dick over to me just before he is about to let out the load and the timing couldn’t have been better and he batons his cock over to me and when I took hold of that thick meat, it began to spurt out load after load, making Alex grunt and grunt to the point of almost pain. He dropped down to the bed in complete exhaustion as I squeezed the last drop out of his spent cock! This one is by far the best Alex I have!

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