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Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the line up! This straight stud was raised in a military family and although he wasn’t in the military he knows a lot about it. Today I’m schooling this straight stud into the ways of gay for pay and to my surprise he took to it like a duck to water. Don’t get me wrong he was nervous as hell to take this first step but he performed like a champion and I will definitely have him back… what do you think?
When Milo arrived at my studios he was definitely nervous. In fact I don’t think i’ve met a more uneasy guy when it comes to this whole gay for pay thing. He was asking alot of question, which was par for the course, but when I began to turn the conversation to money, he began to light up and I could see the wheels spinning in his head as he began to make sense of it all.
Milo is Filipino and what a nice mixture of Asian and Latino he is. He has a nice smooth brown body that’s muscular and fit. Once the clothes came off I became even more impressed with how ass and how well endowed he was. As the cameras rolled I could tell that he was unsure of himself as this is really the first time he’s had a guy go down on him so it was a new experience all the way around and he was hoping to be able to perform. I told him what I tell all the models… just wait and see.
I had no problem getting this boy hard of course and to his surprise, he really didn’t have issues that I could see. Within minutes he was zoned into the porn and his cock was making its way to a hard on with no problems. Soon I was dipping his stick down my throat and slowly and methodically I began to move that cock to a state of complete arrest. Once I saw that he was gaining his confidence, I stood him up and make him take charge of my mouth and he buried his cock down my throat.
Milo had no problems at all as it turns out and in fact he was actually spending less time on the porn on the screen and more time watching me out of the corner of his eye as I manipulated his cock into believing that the BJ was actually feeling better than any chick he’s every had. Sure enough It didn’t take long before Milo had his face all a tizzy as he delivered a load that made him take a deep breath as he delivered the good! Enjoy!

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