Men at Play – Body Wash – Craig Daniel and Dani Robles

Handsome businessman Dani Robles obviously has a thing for blue collar workers, especially when they’re beefed up and sweaty. We saw him getting a greased up by hunky mechanic Denis Vega in Autofornication, and now he has his sights set on the rough and rugged car wash attendant Craig Daniel. After getting his car waxed and polished, Dani can only think of polishing one thing – and as soon as he unzips Craigs jeans and out flops his monster meat Dani knows he’s on for the fucking of a lifetime. But first he’ll feast on the monster uncut meat until his hunger for cock is well and truly satisfied. Craig then starts working on Dani’s incredible ass, eating his smooth hole before stretching it with his 9 inches. We’ve no doubt that after this XXX Body Service, Craig will have a lot of new customers lining up for a taste if his mouthwatering cock!

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