Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamboyBondage

Matthew Connor now realizes our dungeon isn’t an adventure he can indulge and then head home. The teen’s lean, hairless body is covered with welts from the crop and the flogger. One side of his torso drips cum – from his new master’s cock. He is naked and helpless – just like the boy tattooed on his leg. Anthony Martin takes a break from torturing him and enjoys his cock; he loves nothing more than stroking and sucking a helpless slave’s genitals. As Matthew’s cock throbs, ready to burst, Anthony suddenly lets go and slaps him. “Did you think I was going to let you cum?” he sneers, making it clear his pleasure is all that matters. All Matthew gets is another whipping. His arms are pulled high and tight over his head and he’s left alone in agony.

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