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Studio: Amateur Straight Guys

During the weekend that Jared stayed with us, it was so damned hard not to jump the guys bones every time he walked by. But restrain ourselves we did (most of the time), and this first scene shows what happens when a straight boy wakes up around here. Jared woke up and wandered into the kitchen for something to juice, and Jay quickly followed. What happened next was so fucking hot and fun. Jared, who is permanently horned up, took to Jays invitation like a fish to water. This is just about one of the hottest straight guy blowjob scenes weve ever done. Watch Jared as he thrusts his hips, moans and feeds Jay his throbbing cock. Damn, that was fun!
It had been a while since I had seen Ray. When he arrived, I was struck by his good looks and nice body. Doug told me to go to town on him so with no hesitation I took out his cock and proceeded to suck it. Wow, I thought to myself, I forgot his cock was uncut. Then I slid my hand up his shirt to play with his nipples and wow again, I forgot his chest was so wonderfully hairy. Dougie and I played with him together for a bit. I even got to slide my finger into his nice hairy ass. The way he squirmed on my finger made me think about fucking his hot ass! He bounced on it for a while before shooting his big, hot load all over my face. It was hot!
Peter is 27 and Evan is 26. Both are new to videos and both are horny as fuck! Peter is straight, loves women, talks about pussy constantly, and is one handsome so-and-so. Evan hails originally from England and is gay. Neither guy had met until that dripping hot afternoon. The set up was simple: Peter wanted a blow job and Evan wanted to give one. One issue though, Peter had never had his peter anywhere but in the mouth or pussy of a willing girl. Hmmmm… what to do?
We introduced Vince to Guzzo this last weekend and they really hit it off! Both guys are simply dripping with sex appeal, horniness and have that experimentation spark in their eyes! As the camera rolled (and we didnt tell ˜em when it was) both guys were watching some pussy getting pounded. Mere minutes into watching the video Vince popped a boner simply because he could and because he knew he was going to get some serious dick-sucking attention. Jay stepped in and taught each guy how its done and then let ˜em go at it. If you like hot-ass straight guys who are all about scratching that curious itch then this scenes for you.
We originally planned for a three-way with Tyler, Tiny, and Diesel, but Sean came by the studio to see what was going on, so we added his sexy red-bushed cock to the mix. We were filming this right after Jacks webcam, so he hung out while we were filming and decided to jump in too. Hed just been out east to do a ˜physical examination video with one of those doctor niche sites, and was so happy to be back in Phoenix that he was all charged up and raring to go! We had the guys watchin some porn (what else is new?) and after they stripped, Jay and Jack went down the line giving the guys head. Cock after cock, they worked their way up and down the line. What a way to spend a Thursday night, eh? After that, the guys were so worked up that Jay handed them his dinner plate and collected his meal. Dont miss this cum-filled four barreled shotgun episode!

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