Liam-Pooch training

Release Year: 2020

We know that hetero Liam is no better than a filthy mutt, but we’ve got to drive it into this thick bastard’s skull what a lowly beast he really is. We attach a leash to this stripped down lad and make him crawl over the floor. And what does a pup do when he needs to go to the toilet? He squats down and squeezes out a couple of logs while his owners tower over him laughing at what a filthy fucking creature he is! Liam cringes on the floor tearfully wiping his arse with some old newspaper while we mock him. We drive in the shame of what he’s just done by beating his bare arse, lashing and caning him until his cheeks are painfully sore. Liam is turned around and ordered to present his jewels for us. His vulnerable nads get a vicious kicking making this straight boy crumble in total submission. He’ll do anything to make it stop, but we attach an electro collar around his dick and balls so that with the press of a button we can produce that same stomach churning painful sensation in his nuts at any time.

To prevent the acute pain in his balls Liam desperately sucks our dicks. He races across the floor and on his hands and knees to service us as fast as possible. We train him in how to give maximum pleasure to our members. He tenderly sucks until our cocks grow thick and hard in his mouth. We thrust inside his mouth and shove both our dicks inside at once so Liam is gagging and weeping. What a sorry excuse for a man this breeder is! Now he finally understands that he can be nothing more than a cock hungry bitch!

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Duration: 17:49
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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